Tips for new HOA board members

Tips for new HOA board members

So, you’ve been asked to join your HOA board. Congrats! You may feel like this is unfamiliar territory. That’s understandable, but you’ll feel more ease with experience under your belt. But right now your job is to observe and absorb information. Become acquainted with the basics of the role and you’ll feel at home in no time:

Do some homework. You’ll want to ensure you have a basic understanding of the governing documents for your association and how they inform the day-to-day operations. The Declaration or Master Deed includes the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (or CC&R’s) and sets forth the responsibilities of the association. It also speaks to the rights of the owners and their obligations. The Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and policies are also important documents to study.

Make meetings count. Meetings should be run efficiently to maximize productivity. A call for agenda items should be sent out a few days prior to the meeting. And once drafted, all members should be provided with ample time to review it so they can show up prepared. Also in the name of respecting people’s time, a meeting chair should be appointed to keep order. Similarly, make sure you follow the voting procedures as they are outlined in your governing documents. At the conclusion of the meeting, the chairperson should summarize the discussion and reiterate action items and next steps. Everyone should have a clear understanding of the outcomes and the path forward.

Look to the experts. If you have a community management company on retainer, they can help you acclimate to your new role. After that, it’s important to have a good working relationship so you can maximize the resources your community management company offers. They are trusted to provide customer service and support, while enforcing association policies and keeping in contact with residents. They are also poised to help you with financial management and budgeting, record-keeping, managing vendors and the like. Of course, specifics will vary according to the arrangement.

If your HOA is managing these activities on its own, it may be time to reconsider your approach. Put our team’s expertise to work for your community and enjoy the role of board member again. Visit our websitePMI Terminus to learn more.

Also, don’t overlook the resources in front of you. As you grow into your role, talk to more experienced board members. They can be a wealth of information and help you assimilate.

Happy governing!