Why Attending HOA Meetings is Important for Community Growth

Why Attending HOA Meetings is Important for Community Growth

There are many reasons why people choose to buy properties in homeowner association neighborhoods, also known as HOAs.

Safety is one key reason.

Members are rigorously vetted before they're allowed to purchase homes in these neighborhoods. HOAs are also run by association managers to ensure the health and safety of these communities. If there's an association manager on the job, you know there's a reputable property management company behind them.

Another valid reason is community.

If you're looking for a more community-driven neighborhood, look no further than an HOA. In fact, these communities even hold regular HOA meetings to brainstorm (and implement) community-building activities. HOA boards also enforce integrity standards to ensure the community acts (and looks) like a wonderful place to live.

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Identify and Develop Leadership In the Community

Every community needs organization, and you can't do this without leadership. HOA meetings inspire seasoned (and potential) leaders to step up to the plate to serve their HOA. Leaders can do everything from allocating resources for activities to tracking community violations.

Before you can even hold these meetings, you have to assemble an HOA board. The HOA's association manager is responsible for forming these boards. A typical HOA board consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and so forth.

Growing the Community

Community residents must talk to these boards about any issues within the neighborhood or ideas for community building.

For example, if a resident wants to spearhead a Memorial Day project, they would have to get approval from the board. They may have to present their ideas like a business plan complete with budgets, supply lists, live entertainment vendors, and timetables. HOA boards have access to reserves that finance community projects, from activities to upgrades.

Anyone in the community can attend an HOA meeting; in fact, it is encouraged in the neighborhood. These meetings also serve as "meet and greets" for new residents. Thus, it's important to have a designated meeting place that can accommodate these events.

Association managers are responsible for selecting an appropriate building for HOA meetings. This space must accommodate enough people so that the neighborhood is adequately represented. Similar to any local assembly meeting, board leaders hold question and answer (Q&A) forums at the end of every meeting.

Improving the Community through HOA Meetings

An HOA meeting is the best time to get your voice heard. If you have an idea that will improve the community, make your idea known at the next meeting. This idea could be a new dog park or playground for residents' children.

Board leaders will also address any trends in community violations, like overflowing trash cans or overgrown lawns. Residents may be fined for not maintaining the visual integrity of the HOA.

Build a Better HOA Community

The stronger the community, the better the HOA. Leveraging HOA meetings can result in even better upgrades, like parks, recreation areas, and events. Keep these ideas handy for your next meeting.

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